05 July 2022

Software Engineer (M/F)

You will be part of an entrepreneurial IT team that focuses on creating new data-driven solutions for the client industrial customers of our client.

The current activities are focused on R&D and product development, but we are also exploring the potential of offering project and consulting services.


During the past year, our team developed 2 software products in 2 different industries: emission monitoring and logistic robot monitoring. These products are built on basis of advanced concepts like containerization, micro-services architecture, time-series databases and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Our client is currently looking for his next team member, capable of managing these complex solutions and bringing them to the next level of performance and robustness.

* You will become the solution owner and:


support and improve the current solution architecture

set new objectives and extend solution functionality

perform functional, integration and performance testing

Besides supporting existing solutions, you will be involved in the development of new applications on the roadmap.


  • Professional programming skills, using programming languages and frameworks like:


Python or equivalent (prerequisite)

Nodejs or equivalent (prerequisite)

Angular or equivalent (prerequisite)

Docker (prerequisite)

MongoDB, InfluxDB or equivalent (prerequisite)

SQLite, MySQL, SQL server or equivalent (prerequisite)

Micro-service architecture and API architecture (desirable)

Message queues like NATS, MQTT broker (desirable)

C# (desirable)

Good affinity with data analytics:


Experience with data preparation and cleaning

Understanding of machine learning approaches to supervised and unsupervised learning

Understanding the software needs to support AI in a software application