Consulting and Innovation

ENSYEL Technology was born out of our desire to provide expertise and flexibility to our customers in various sectors like financial & banking, life science, Insurance, energy, telecom, retail, ... This has been achieved thanks to the “collaborative performance” created by combining the two following factors:

1) Provide our employees with comprehensive and motivating career plans:

Innovative, motivating and challenging projects

A career development plan

A listening and available support team

Adapted trainings

An attractive salary package

A real corporate feeling/life, essential to our collaborators working at client’s site every day

2) Providing high value-added solutions to our customers:

Real partnership

Innovative solutions

Technical expertise

Management expertise

The human factor is at the heart of our corporate development plan, and the know-how federated around our talents represents the values and the image of our company.

ENSYEL Technology  is part of AUDENSIEL Technologies Group, international consulting company specialized in engineering and IT.

Our implementation in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, Aix-en-Provence, Toulouse, Rennes, Barcelona, Brussels and Luxembourg allows us to collaborate with more than 700 collaboraters.